How to upgrade your security in 3 steps:

Step one

Authenticator apps drastically lower the risk of unauthorised account access, effectively countering hackers. In our fast-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead in cybersecurity is crucial. These apps offer a critical advantage, safeguarding your data from sophisticated cybercriminal threats.

Step Two

Recommended Authenticator Apps:

1) Microsoft Authenticator App

2) Google Authenticator

3) Tilio Authy

Step Three

By adopting this approach, you can significantly enhance your online safety and keep your social media accounts secure.

Watch the 30 second video below to set this security up immediately.

 30 Second Micro Hack Summary:


Why hacking is a serious problem

Growing Number of Users: As more people join social media platforms, the number of potential targets for hackers grows.

1) Valuable Personal Information: Social media accounts often contain a wealth of personal information that can be valuable to hackers for identity theft, scams, and other malicious activities.

2) Use of Weak Passwords: Many users still employ weak or reused passwords across multiple accounts, making it easier for hackers to gain access through credential stuffing or brute force attacks.

3) Phishing Attacks: Social media platforms are common targets for phishing attacks, where users are tricked into revealing their login credentials.

4) Third-party App Vulnerabilities: Sometimes, the security weaknesses lie in third-party apps or services integrated with social media platforms, which hackers exploit to gain access.

5) Lack of Awareness: A general lack of cybersecurity awareness among users leads to risky behaviors online, such as clicking on suspicious links or sharing sensitive information.

6) Sophisticated Hacking Techniques: Hackers continually develop more advanced methods to breach security systems, making it challenging to completely safeguard any online platform.

While exact statistics vary, the frequency and impact of these incidents highlight the importance of strong security practices, like using unique, strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and being cautious about the information shared and links clicked on social media.